Why use Shopify?

Shopify is Easy to Use

Shopify’s admin area is intuitive and easy to use allowing you to set up products and information quickly and easily. Clean and easy navigation, open layout, and beautiful simplicity are what make Shopify’s online admin area the best.

Shopify is Affordable

Shopify’s pricing plans are very competitive compared to other e-commerce solutions while offering a better product, better service, and overall better shopping experience for your customers.

Easily Accept Credit Cards

Shopify is partnered with Stripe to allow you to easily and quickly set up credit card payments. No need for a separate merchant account, payment processor, credit check, or waiting period. No separate monthly fees and no need to purchase a separate SSL certificate.

Phenomenal Support & Documentation

Not only is Shopify’s support team second-to-none, but the online documentation in their support area is extremely thorough yet easy to understand. They are always updating it as well as their blog with new information about how to manage your store more efficiently as well as show you how to do whatever you need.

The App Store!

Unmatched by any other e-commerce provider, Shopify’s App Store has apps for just about anything you want for your site. The apps are affordable and extremely simple to install – usually in just a couple of clicks. No download or uploading files or waiting for installation by someone else.


Security & Dependability

Shopify takes your and your customers’ security extremely seriously and they are always at the forefront of processes and procedures for advancing that security. They also do it all for you – SSL security for all pages of your site as well as automatic updates. You don’t have to worry about uploading new files or buying SSL certificates.


9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m PST
Located in Southern California, US

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