Website Template FAQs & Info

I’m just starting out. What do I need?

An online boutique with one of our templates needs four main elements:

1: Domain Name – You can register a domain here (it’s who we use for our own domains).

2: Compatible Cart & Host – The Compatible Carts (see below) provide the web hosting and shopping cart system. This is what powers your website. These systems enable you to add your content and manage your products, categories, etc. on your own.

3: Website Design – This is what makes it look pretty! If you already have hosting set up or will be having us set it all up for you, go ahead and start shopping or contact us.

4: Payment Processor – This is how you get paid. Many new shop owners use Paypal, but another option that may be available to you is Stripe. Check with your host first, though. Stripe enables you to accept credit cards and there’s no monthly fee and it’s super easy to set up.

Which shopping carts are compatible?

Our templates are made to work with one of the shopping cart / site builder systems listed below. If you use a hosting company other than what is listed here, contact us and we’ll see if we can work with it. We recommend these most:

Our templates are also able to be installed with the following hosts:

  • Shoppe Pro (Starter and Professional plans ONLY)
  • Pappashop (Basic & Premium plans ONLY)
  • Merchant Moms (Basic, Value and Pro plans ONLY)
  • Designer 218

Please note that we do not personally vouch for any of these businesses or services. These services are all offered by individual third party companies and offer e-commerce systems that our templates are compatible with and are easy to use for beginners.

We do not provide installation of our templates into the following systems (free or paid): Zen Cart, Blogger, Typepad, Weebly, OsCommerce, Magento, Magento Go, GoDaddy Site Builder, Big Cartel, Yahoo Ecommerce, Google Cart, Ecommerce Templates, X-Cart, Buy It Sell It (BISI), Network Solutions, Pinnacle Cart, Ultra Cart, Big Commerce, Cube Cart, Hyena Cart, CS Cart and some others.

I'm already using one of the approved carts, what do I need?

If you already have a website with one of the approved hosts, then you can proceed to order any of our templates.

How long does it take?

Please note these are approximations and times could vary based on the amount of orders received during that week and our current workload. Time frame begins once we have all of your information.

Website template orders: 4-5 business days (business days are weekdays only – Monday through Friday – not including holidays)

What if I need changes later on at some point? Are they included?

Once we install the template, any updates after that point are billed at our hourly maintenance rate of $75/hour, and are subject to our current availability. Contact us with all of the details about exactly what you would like to change and we will provide an estimate.

Can I use my own logo with one of your templates?

Yes, usually we can add your existing logo to the template. There is no additional charge for this assuming there are no graphic changes that we have to make to the logo. The logo you provide to us should be in one of the following file formats for best results: PNG, PSD, AI, EPS, PDF. We can sometimes use JPG and GIF logos but that depends on the logo quality and the template you choose. If the template you choose has a color behind the logo other than white, then it’s more important that you send us a high quality logo with a clear background (one of the first set of file types listed above).

I like one of your templates, but want it in a different color scheme or font. Is that possible?

Yes! We can change the color scheme and/or fonts in almost any of our website templates for a small fee. Just contact us ahead of time with the list of changes you would like to make.


Get in touch with us to discuss your project and answer your questions.

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