Small Business Resources

Below are services that I have used and/or still continue to use and would recommend. Some of the below links may be affiliate links and I may receive a small compensation or other credit for referring you. I do not include any products or services here that I do not personally recommend. If you do follow a link, thank you very much!


This is honestly the single most useful and amazing tool that I use for my business. I wish I had it 10 years ago! Completely revolutionize and automate your client process, invoicing, project management, time tracking, and more.


Asana helps you coordinate all the work your team does together. So everyone knows what needs to get done, who’s responsible for doing it, and when it’s due. Favorite part, the color-coded calendar!


Your email list is your biggest asset. ConvertKit helps you use that list to grow your business through attractive forms, trackable data, and simple but powerful automations.

Shopping Cart Recommendations

Pretty web designs are wonderful, but maybe you’re not even sure which shopping cart to use?


Shopify starts at $29/mo and is simple and easy to use, has excellent support, and has a huge app store to add all sorts of functionality to make it do pretty much anything. Why use Shopify?


3dcart starts at $29/mo and is not quite as simple to use as Shopify, but it comes packed with a lot more features already built-in like a gift registry, wish list system, wholesale account functionality, and more.

WP Engine

WordPress hosting with WP Engine starts at $35/mo. WordPress is a very widely used platform for building websites. To sell online you can add a plug-in like WooCommerce.

This is who I use for my domain name registrations.

Great app with a free plan for scheduling meetings, calls, etc.

Using a newsletter service is preferred as they have their servers and sending procedures set up so that your mail is least likely to be marked as spam.

Probably the easiest gateway to set up to accept credit cards on your site. It is integrated into most shopping cart systems now and is easy to use.

Olark Live Chat
Live chat service for your website.

Creative Market
Excellent source of amazing fonts, graphics, themes, and more.

Set up an Affiliate Program
Have other people promote your site for you with an affiliate program. I recommend Users sign up and use your banner ads (hosted by to promote your site on theirs for a commission you decide.
Get secret hacks from the pros, expert opinions that help you make decisions, massive buying guides to help you compare different products, actionable answers to difficult problems, learn how to improve every aspect of your life.

Shopping Cart Comparison Chart

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