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Downloadable Brand Planner & Workbook

Save money, time, energy, and heartache by starting your business off in the right direction. Use our business planner to help write your story and learn how to leverage your unique story to attract your ideal clients. It’s 17 pages full of information, exercises, and tips made just for women business owners like you (and us!)

So grab a cup of coffee, a pen & paper, and download this guide to get moving in the right direction toward doing what you love.

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Product Description

Our step-by-step Business Planner and Workbook will teach you how to use your unique story to create your brand and attract your ideal clients and customers.

As a business owner that helps other business owners – both new and experienced – I see many women make the mistake of not having a clear direction before starting, and then being too generic when they do start. I understand that new store owners want to appeal to the largest audience to hopefully gain more sales from more customers, but that’s not necessarily the best course of action.

You only get a few seconds to make an impression on your website’s visitors and you want to show them, prove to them, that you are different and WHY they should buy from you versus all the others. You want to be different, target a niche, and then stand out in that niche.

By telling your unique story will help you more successfully resonate with your ideal customers or clients. Our guide will show you how to build a one-of-a-kind business & brand, using what is 100% unique to you – your story!


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