Posh Posh Kids Turnkey Store

Online children's boutique powered by Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, ready for you to take over and start marketing and selling.


  • Custom designed logo
  • Premium Shopify theme
  • Domain name: poshposhkids.com
  • Instagram account @poshposhkids
  • 100+ drop shipped products uploaded to store
  • Oberlo app for additional product sourcing
  • 10+ apps for SEO, engagement & marketing


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A turnkey store is a starter online business for which we have done the work of setting up the design, integrating the shopping cart, sourced and uploaded the products, and all the parts for making the website functional and ready for you to take over and start growing.

What you make of a turnkey store is entirely up to you.

There is no promise or guarantee whatsoever of any level of income from a turnkey store. Upon takeover of the store, you must put in hard work to research, market, and grow your business. We don’t know you or how much time, research, and energy you’ll end up putting into it.

What we do know is that we’ve used our experience from working with many hundreds of clients and Shopify sites to implement the right apps and other strategies to help you get going as quickly as possible and in the right direction.

Upon takeover of the store, you must put in hard work to research, market, and grow your business. You’ll want to at least do the following:

Research the niche of your new store.
Learn what is popular, look at what other successful businesses in the same niche are doing (eg. on social media), watch some videos or take online courses about marketing an online store in your niche. Learn all you can!

Learn how to manage the website.
We set up our turnkey stores on Shopify for many reasons, one of which is their excellent documentation and support. You must be willing to get in there and learn how to do things, explore the admin area, and get to know your website inside and out. Don’t worry, though, you do not need to know any complex HTML coding or anything super tech-y like that. 

Learn your target demographic and make a social media marketing plan.
Social media is huge for the success of your online store and it’s something you really just need to use. Engagement with your potential customers and existing customers is super important. Depending on the niche of your store, your audience may be on Facebook more than Instagram, or Pinterest might be the best place. 

Plan for marketing and advertising expenses.
The cost of purchasing the store should not be your biggest expense. Plan on running ads and promotions on social media and Google. Once you’ve determined your target audience, there are many ways to use that info to get your ads in front of people who are most likely to buy from you. Facebook & Instagram are great places to look, as well as Google.

Take over the monthly fees.
The monthly fee for the store when we transfer it to you will be $29/mo to Shopify. IF a domain name was registered and will be transferred to you, then you will also be responsible for the annual domain name registration fee (typically around $15 per year). If there is no domain name with the store, then you’ll need to register one.

You will receive ownership of the website as you see it. No customizations or changes to the site are included in the price, however they can certainly be made for an additional charge.

The products listed on the site are drop shipped to your customers directly from the Aliexpress supplier. Your site will be set up with the Oberlo app to facilitate adding new products and processing orders. There is no physical inventory included nor needed to run your site.

Any social media accounts that were created for the store will be transferred to you.

If a domain name was registered for the site, ownership will be transferred to you.

Logo and any website graphics will be sent to the email address used when you placed your order. 

Three months of free consultation are included with the purchase of a turnkey store.