Monthly Task Plan

What are tasks?

Small tasks would be typically an hour or under each. If your request is more complex, we’ll break it down into individual tasks and you can choose which items for us to work on and when.

Here are examples of individual tasks:

  • Update navigation menu to add/edit dropdown menus
  • Add a new image slide to your homepage slider
  • Update homepage with a sale/promotion banner
  • Change layout or re-organize homepage content
  • Install an app that requires coding changes


If you’re opening a new shop, you may have a lot of tasks that need to be done in the first 2-3 months. Instead of having us do a bunch of individual tasks and bill separately, you can sign up for this plan and cancel when the tasks you need are done in a couple of months. You’ll get the tasks done for a much better rate this way. Of course if you have tasks that you’ll need done indefinitely, you can stay signed up for however long you need.


  • Small tasks up to 1 hour each
  • 1 task at a time
  • Up to 5 tasks per month
  • 2 business day turnaround
  • No contract, cancel anytime

Prepaid Hours

You may also buy prepaid blocks of hours. Just submit service requests as needed and we’ll deduct from your available time.

Submit Task Requests

Submit your task requests here and we’ll get back to you with a time and cost estimate for you to approve.

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