Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a useful part of inbound marketing technique in which properly placed keywords help search engines find your website and rank it in search results. By using keyword-rich articles and blogs, you are able to steer audiences searching for your product.

Monthly SEO Plan


During the first month we will:

  • Research the top 10 keywords to target for your site.
  • Set up reporting for each targeted keyword.
  • Set up SEO reporting system where we monitor keyword performance.
  • Make sure Google Analytics is set up on your site and then integrate that into our monthly reporting system.
  • Run detailed reports and analysis of your site for errors and page speed issues as well as checking for the following on each page: Meta titles, Meta descriptions, H1 heading tags, Word count of keyword rich text, 404 (page not found) errors, Broken links, Image alt text.

Each month thereafter we will:
Focus on up to 5 pages of your site (usually homepage and top categories and/or products) and do the following:

  • Analyze the performance of each of your targeted keywords.
  • Provide detailed report of the performance of each keyword’s rankings.
  • Run detailed website analysis for errors or issues.
  • Update your website to fix errors from the detailed analysis.
  • Implement changes or new content to further improve the rankings.


Get in touch with us to discuss your project and answer your questions.

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