When I download the theme, I only get a folder with a bunch of files.

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If you’re trying to download the theme you purchased but you are only downloading a folder with a bunch of files in it, it’s because your browser is automatically unzipping the file. There are a few steps to change this setting so you may download the zip file which is needed when uploading a theme to Shopify.

After you complete the steps for your particular browser, go back to your account and try to download the theme again.


1. Open Safari

2. Click on “Safari” in the top menu, then click “Preferences

how to download a zip file without unzipping in safari

3. On the “General” tab, at the bottom, UNcheck the box.

how to download a zip file without unzipping in safari


By default, Chrome does not automatically unzip files. However, there are a number of browser extensions that include this feature. Please temporarily disable all extensions if you use Chrome and the zip file unzips automatically.

Please also note that if you click on the downloaded file in the browser, down in the little download bar, it will unzip it. Do not click on it there. Instead go where the file was downloaded, usually to a Downloads folder or wherever you have it set to put downloaded files.


Firefox might automatically unzip the file depending on what you may have selected for previous downloads. If, when you click to download the files, you are given the following option, select “Save File”:

saving zip files from firefox

If you are not given this option, and it unzips the file automatically, then you probably previously selected the “Open with” option above and to do that automatically from then on.

In this case, you will need to click the little “hamburger” icon in the upper right within Firefox to access the Firefox preferences:  (the color might be different depending on your theme).

In Preferences, scroll down to the Applications section and make the following change:

saving zip files from firefox

After making this change, go back and retry your download.


Other Browsers

If you use another browser, you will need to contact their support team for information on how to disable the automatic unzipping of files.