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About half of all visits to your site are on mobile devices. Every site we create is responsive for visitors on all devices.

Terms & Policies

Please make sure to read our Terms & Policies before ordering or starting a project with us!

Still Have Questions?

Is your question not here? Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have! We’re here to help.

Getting Started

I'm not sure what package I need...

If you already have a logo then our Signature or Pro packages would be what you would need. Those packages do not have logo design included and are meant for businesses who have logo/branding but need an e-commerce website. We use your logo style, desired colors, style, etc. to create your website so you have a beautiful and cohesive online presence.

If you already have a website and logo, the Signature package might be best for your needs. This package uses your existing logo/branding and implements a new theme, but leaves creation of your products and website content up to you (or leaves it intact if it’s already on your site).

For those of you who are just starting out and do not yet have a logo or website, you can use any of our packages however which one would be good for you depends on how much of the work you want to do yourself versus have us do for you. A logo design can be added to our Signature and Pro packages and if you are the do-it-yourself type and can add all of your content yourself then the Signature package plus a logo design would work great. If you’re more interested in having us set up everything for you, then the Pro package plus logo design or Ultimate package would be best.

What is the website design process?
  1. Inquiry – I’ll ask about your preferred layout, colors, graphics, and overall feel, as well as for your logo files and any other photos and content for your homepage.
  2. Web Design – After finishing the logo design (if applicable for your selected package), I’ll work on the website layout and design, taking information from your questionnaires as well as incorporating your brand elements into the website.
  3. Development – Typically at the same time I work on the design I’ll also work on filling in the website with your photos, text content, links, buttons, products, etc. as determined by your selected package.
  4. Launch when you’re ready!

Post Project

Will I be able to update my site on my own?

We always do what we can to enable clients to be able to update their sites on their own. Sometimes, depending on the complexity of a website, it’s not always possible for a client to update everything themselves. For e-commerce sites, you will at the very least be able to add/manage products from within your admin.

You do not need to know HTML or buy any special software to do the basic operations of your site (i.e. adding/editing products, managing orders, etc.) We recommend getting on a monthly support plan to provide priority support and updates for at least the first 6 months after launching your site.

Can I have you make updates to my site when needed?

Absolutely. You can just contact us with a list of what you need and we’ll provide a quote. Our hourly rate is $75. You may also sign up for one of our monthly maintenance plans. Members on a plan receive work at our discounted hourly rate of $50. You can sign up for our plans at any time.

I'm using WordPress. What should I do about plugin updates?

Every WordPress site we set up gets a backup system that makes automatic backups. When you see a notice that one of your plugins needs to be updated, it’s a good idea to take a backup first. It’s easy to do, just a couple of clicks. Then install the update and make sure everything’s working right. If it isn’t, you can easily restore the site to the update you just made.

Please note – while I encourage users to get to know how their sites work, sometimes plugin updates cause conflicts or other issues and could “break” your site temporarily. If you’re not comfortable making these updates on your own then I would recommend getting on a maintenance plan. If you are on our Info Package plan, this is already included.


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