Build Your Brand Using These 4 Tips & Tricks

Branded Invoices:

Create a new personalized invoice using FreshBooks by simply adding your logo to the top of your invoice - this will ensure your brand is easily recognized and remembered by your valuable customers.

Website Appearance:

Your website is often times the first impression a potential customer has with your brand. Your website should be dynamic, user friendly, and contain updated content. Your website should communicate your brand values that attracts new customers to come in and learn more about your brand.

Be Consistent!

It’s essential to maintain cohesion across all of your brand’s messaging. Meaning that your tone, voice, logo, etc. should be consistent and inherited across all of your communication mediums including: website, blog, social media, invoices, marketing collateral, etc.

Build Credibility with Customer Testimonials:

Further enhance your brand image by gathering and sharing customer testimonials on your website and profiles. Having real clients share their experience will boost your credibility in the minds of your potential customers.

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