About Us

2020 Update…

I’ve had this business for over 16 years and it’s been such an honor and a privilege to have been trusted by so many amazing clients to help build their businesses while they simultaneously helped me build mine and support my family. When I first started, my first-born was just one year old and now I have three children ages 13, 15, and 18! What started as a hobby grew to enable both my husband and myself to stay home and raise our kids and I’ll be forever thankful.

It’s now time for a change in my life and as a result, Red Peach Designs will be scaled way, way down as well as having a shift in focus to my premade Shopify themes and other downloadable goods. I have recently gone back to school and will be finally finishing my education and then going to work in the medical field. Huge change, huh?! My husband still works from home and my kids are older, so it’s time for me to finish what I started a couple of decades ago!

So at this time I am not taking on new projects. I need to focus on school as it’s a full-time commitment.

Thank you for everything. This business has had profound effects on my family.

xo, Danielle

Who we are

We are a boutique web design studio that loves working with all size companies. We don’t pretend to be bigger than we are, or something we’re not. We are simply a husband & wife team that has been doing this for over 15 years, and we know how to make your website not only look fantastic, but work for you as well.

With this business we are able to stay home with our three children. Our son, now 18 years old, has high-functioning autism and we feel so lucky to be able to be here with him and our two daughters (13 and 15). We find that most of our clients are trying to do something similar, which is one of the reasons why we enjoy doing this so much.

How it all started

I became a stay-at-home-mom in 2003 when our son was one year old. As if being a new mommy wasn’t enough (ha!), I felt like I needed to do more. Since we used cloth diapers, I decided to open an online cloth diaper shop.

With a graphic design background I designed a logo and some graphics and then tackled learning some HTML. I created my own online cloth diaper store using Zen Cart, and soon other work-at-home-moms noticed my work and started asking me to design their sites as well. Red Peach Designs was born.