Our Story

Hello there!

I’m Danielle and I started this business back in April of 2004 so I’ve been doing this for over 15 years (where has the time gone?!). Red Peach Designs is now a husband and wife team that works together to grow businesses with our clients.

With this business we are able to stay home with our three children. Our son, now 16 years old, has high-functioning autism and we feel so lucky to be able to be here with him and our two daughters (12 and 14). We find that most of our clients are trying to do something similar, which is one of the reasons why we enjoy doing this so much.

How it all started

years ago...

I became a stay-at-home-mom in 2003 when our son was one year old. As if being a new mommy wasn’t enough (ha!), I felt like I needed to do more. Since we used cloth diapers for our son, I decided to open an online cloth diaper shop.

With a graphic design background I designed a logo and some graphics and then tackled learning some HTML. I created my own online cloth diaper store using Zen Cart and soon other work-at-home-moms noticed my work and started asking me to design their sites as well.

What started as a hobby turned into a small side business then eventually the full time business for both my husband and I. I’m honored to have worked with so many amazing clients, some who have been with me since the beginning!

Why choose us


Not only has Danielle been doing web design professionally since April 2004, but she has designed websites for a hobby since 2000 and has literally designed hundreds and hundreds sites, the vast majority of them e-commerce sites for work-at-home-moms just like herself.


Danielle has been a work at home mom (WAHM) since 2003. She absolutely loves helping others start their businesses and succeed. This business is truly a dream for her in that it not only enables her and her husband to stay home with their three children, but enables them to help other families in this same way.


With this business Danielle is able to stay home with her three children. Their son, now 16 years old, has high-functioning Autism and they feel so lucky to be able to be there with him and their two daughters. Danielle finds that most of her clients are trying to do the same thing, and her mission is to help them succeed.

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.”

Bo Bennett

So what’s your story?

You’re here for a reason. You have your inspiration so let’s work together to bring your business and brand to life. Beautify your business website inside and out to have the best chance at success. After all, you’re not just doing this for the feels, you’re doing it to make money and you do that with a brand and website that tells your story, impresses your visitors, and instills trust.

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