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hello! my name is danielle

I Create Beautiful & Professional Feminine Shopify Themes

My Shopify themes are different in that they also create a uniquely feminine feel, helping your visitors more easily identify with you and feel more comfortable shopping on your site.

Tour the New Premium Shopify Themes

There’s a lot more for you in my new Premium Shopify Theme packages! The themes have a ton of homepage sections and customization options making it easy to design your site without knowing coding or having any special software.

In addition, our Premium themes come with editable branding images for you to customize online and download right away.

All themes include:

  • ZShopify Sections: drag-and-drop sections for building your homepage
  • ZStyle Editor: customize colors & fonts to coordinate with your brand
  • ZFully Responsive Layout: mobile friendly
  • ZContact Page Template with Form
  • ZSocial Media Icons: link to all your social pages
customize shopify theme
edit shopify homepage sections

Click to install & customize

After purchase you are immediately provided with a Zip file to download. Then head to the Themes area of your Shopify admin and select the option upload a new theme. Click the file from your computer that you downloaded from us. Just a few clicks, that’s about it!

The rest of the process is the same as working with any other theme from Shopify. Go into the customization area and add your logo, add homepage photos and text, and even easily change colors if you want to really make it yours. No coding necessary!

edit theme colors to match your brand
customize shopify theme

Kind Words

from some amazing clients!

It’s perfect thank you!!! And thank you so much for setting up the site for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have it all come together so perfect!!! I’m thrilled I found you!!! I will be getting ready for the next project and am telling all my friends with businesses about you!!! Thank you so much for such a beautiful site.


I just have one word… Amazing!!! Love it!!! Beyond my expectations! You have an amazing gift, thank you. I now feel great pride in my website.


Our website is just on the brink of getting launched. We know our clients are going to love it, we sure do! Working with Red Peach Designs has been an easy process, they have been patient with our lack of “tech savvy”, they have educated us, held our hand through the entire process. My favorite part of working with them is the logo they designed for us! It is perfect. Thank you guys for being such an important part of our team.


Danielle is wonderful to work with. Her designs are unique and beautiful. She responds quickly to any requests and working with her is always a very pleasant experience. I recommend Danielle to anyone who is in need of her web services.


Now can I tell YOU why we loved your business? ? You were personal, transparent with your life & always honest about your capabilities of your time which left realistic expectations. When you did take on work, it was always ace and your pricing was exceptional! You are one in a million and we have gone through and worked with many designers now!


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