Whether you’re just getting started or already selling online, we can help your business bloom with gorgeous web design and branding.

Boutique Web Design Experts

Already have a shop? Choose from one of our options detailed below.
Starting from scratch? Then you’ll want to choose your shopping cart first. See our recommendations.

We know there are many options out there for designing a new online shop or improving an existing one. Hopefully our options below help you decide which option is best for you.

Purchase a Shopify Theme

If you are the DIY type and/or have a limited budget, then a beautiful pre-made Shopify theme would be your best option. You can download themes for Shopify today and get your shop going right away.

Investment: $55+

Boutique Theme Customization

Our Boutique Theme Customization is a semi-custom package and is perfect for those who can set up products and collections on their own but want our expertise for setting up the design. We will customize a theme with your colors, fonts, branding and get your homepage looking fantastic.

Investment: $599

Boutique Website Templates

Our templates work with 3dcart as well as most plans from the following hosts:  Bizzy Mama, ShoppePro, Little Fish, Pappashop, Merchant Moms and Designer 218. We customize the template with your logo and install it into your cart system for you so you can focus on the rest of your to-do list.

Investment: $99

Deluxe Custom Design

To have us take care of the work of setting up your site as well as creating a beautiful web design then our deluxe custom web design package is for you. You will be able to manage the site on your own but we will do the initial setup and create a beautiful boutique design.

Investment: $749 - $2,499

Shopping Cart Recommendations

Pretty web designs are wonderful, but maybe you’re not even sure which shopping cart to use?
The best way to compare Shopify vs. 3dcart is to sign up for a free trial of Shopify and 3dcart and give them each a try.

Shopify - $29/mo+

Shopify starts at $29/mo for online stores and super simple and easy to use, has excellent support and documentation, and has a huge app store to add all sorts of functionality to make it do pretty much anything. It’s a rock solid system used by startups as well as many major multi million dollar companies.

Start Your 14-day Shopify Free Trial

3dcart - $29/mo+

3dcart starts at $29/mo and is not quite as simple to use as Shopify, but it comes packed with a lot more features already built-in (no 3rd party apps needed) like a gift registry, wish list system, wholesale account functionality, discount pricing tiers for customers, product personalization options, and much more.

Start Your 15-day 3dcart Free Trial

WP Engine - $29/mo+

WordPress hosting with WPEngine starts at $29/mo. WordPress is a very widely used platform for building websites. To sell online you can easily add a plug-in like WooCommerce which turns your WordPress installation into a powerful e-commerce website.

Start Your 30-day WP Engine Free Trial

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