Personal WordPress Design
This package is for personal, non-commercial blog sites. Great for things like vacation & family blogs, new baby blogs, upcoming wedding blogs, etc.  Personal blogs are designed with the standard blog layout and features for users to easily read posts and comment but with an attractive customized design.
Business WordPress Design
This package is for businesses needing an informational website without e-commerce. Great for medical offices, manufacturers/wholesalers, local businesses, etc. More standard features are included that are used by businesses for SEO & marketing purposes, etc.
Personal WordPress Design
Customized WordPress Theme
Header design
Plugins & Widgets Setup
Social Media Sharing Icons
Social Media Branding images
Newsletter Signup
Search Form
Contact Us page
Business WordPress Design
Custom layout and graphics
Custom logo design
Homepage slider
Content pages designed
Contact Us page
Photo Gallery
Newsletter Signup
Search functionality
Social Media Icons
Social Media Branding Images
Business Card Design
Integrated Blog
Training on how to update your site

Why WordPress?

It’s Awesome.

WordPress started as just a blogging system, and that may be what you know it for. But it has evolved into an extremely robust and full content management system plus so much more with help from the thousands of plugins and widgets that are available.

It’s Free!

WordPress itself is free and open source, which means it’s very widely used, completely customizable, and has an enormous community of developers who continue to improve upon and add to it through new plugins and more. We also add many add-ons to supercharge it for you.

It’s Search Engine Friendly.

WordPress powered sites rank well in Google. It’s just a fact! Now, lots of things factor into this, but starting out with a platform that is very SEO friendly is excellent.

It’s easy to use.

Designers like me love to create websites that allow clients to use them on their own. Not all designers are like that – they want you to have to come to them to make every little change so they can charge you for it. Our goal is to set up your site so you can use it, update it, and keep it current. If you need to have something a little more advanced done, we are always available to step in and help at that time.

Even the big boys use it.

Mashable, TechCrunch, TED Blog, Playstation Blog, Gizmodo live, and Lifehacker are just a few of the big names that use WordPress. This means it’s not only good enough for them, but it’s supported by a huge community of developers and will always stay up to date.