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Why work with us?

Not only have we been doing web design professionally since April 2004, but Danielle designed websites for a hobby since 2000 and has literally designed hundreds and hundreds sites, the vast majority of them e-commerce sites for work-at-home-moms just like herself. In addition, Danielle and her husband have started, operated and sold several online stores over the last 10 years. She started each business from scratch, doing her own marketing and SEO, payment processing and order shipping, customer service and accounting, so she knows what you’re going through.
With years of running online stores and a huge desire to find better solutions to make life easier and running a business more efficient, Danielle has tried and tested literally dozens of different e-commerce systems before deciding what to offer her clients. The shopping cart systems we work with not only have been found to be the best options for our clientele, but are also extremely customizable which is a huge advantage over many other systems. We know that shopping carts aren’t one-size-fits-all so that is why we offer a choice and we’ll help you make that decision.
While Danielle has her hand in just about everything that goes on here at Red Peach Designs, she and Jared work with several other professional developers, programmers and technicians to keep things running smoothly and to provide the most professional and technologically sound and secure product. She knows she’s not a programmer and doesn’t take the security of your website and customer info lightly. If there’s something she can’t do, she makes sure to enlist the help of reliable experts who can.
We know budgets, timelines, and individual needs vary. That’s why we offer multiple options for getting your business off the ground with a clean and professional design. We don’t automatically try to sell you our largest plan or biggest package, we will recommend to you the best option for your needs, even if it’s something that we can’t provide and have to refer you elsewhere.
Danielle has been a work at home mom (WAHM) since 2003 and absolutely loves helping others start their businesses and succeed. This business is truly a a dream in that it not only enables her and her husband to stay home with their three children, but enables her to help other families in this same way. Plus it allows her to be creative and do something she loves!