1. Discovery

We chat either on the phone or via email and get to know your business and what you would like to achieve with your website, any special functionality or features you would like, and the overall style and branding of your business. You are provided with questionnaires to provide more detailed information about what you would like for your new site.

2. Draft

In this step we will propose the overall layout (or “wireframe”) for the website. We’ll work with you to determine what goes where to create a pleasing and functional layout incorporating all of the features, sections, and calls to action that are to be included on the site.

3. Design

Using all of the information you have provided so far plus the wireframe and layout decided upon in the previous step, we will work on and provide design mockups with different variations for color/graphics/etc. We will present these to you to preview and provide feedback. We will work together, going back and forth, until the graphics, colors, and overall feel of the site are approved by you.

4. Development

After the overall design has been determined, we send an invoice for a 25% payment, and then we get to work on the development of the website. Coding, programming, and all that technical stuff. During this phase, depending on the design package, we will be working on product uploading, setting up payment methods, shipping settings, and adding the content to fill out the site.

5. Demonstration

In this phase we upload our coding & design to a sandbox account for testing and review. We will test and troubleshoot the various features and functions of the site, as well as fine-tune the overall design.

6. Delivery

Once the final payment is received, the new site is uploaded to your hosting account/shopping cart and can be launched if you are ready. Finalized design files for business cards, banners, or other graphics are also delivered at this time.